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RONGCHAG, Aug.4 (Kangba TV) -- Twenty overseas students from Sichuan University stayed overnight at Jiaju Tibetan Village, one of China’s most beautiful villages, in Rongchag County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture on August 2, the second day of the “Life in China - 2017 overseas students in Sichuan” activity organized by the information office of Sichuan provincial government and Sichuan University.  

The bonfire party

The bonfire party

Daniil, a student from Russia said, “The bonfire party on the evening of August 2 was amazing. Pretty Rongchag girls taught us how to dance. We danced around the bonfire and we felt closer to each other at that time. ” 

On the third day of the activity, foreign students firstly visited Rongchag Craftsman Art Studio. They were attracted by the beautiful Thangka paintings which depict mysterious Buddhist world, as soon as they saw them. Besides Thangka, oil paintings drawn by Rongchag craftsmen with western pigments also impressed them. 

The Rongchag Craftsman Art Studio

Rongchag Craftsman Art Studio

Rongchag Craftsman Art Studio

Next, they went to Suopo Township of Rongchag County and watched Suopo ancient watchtowers. With a long and splendid history, Suopo ancient watchtowers are the architectural masterpieces of ancient Gyarong Tibetans. 

Built by earth and stone, local ancient watchtowers are well preserved. They still stand after wars, earthquakes, rains and winds. 

Adu, a student from Yemen said, “This is my first time to see such kind of buildings. I am awed by Tibetan’s wisdom and I love local cultural customs very much.” 

These students finished their tour in Garze on August 3 and they will continue to explore more about Tibetan ethnic group in the following journey.  

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