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Teachers and Students from the School of Overseas Education of SCU Went to Wenchuan for Exploration and Practice in Chinese Ethnic Art

     From May 7 to 9, Ke Fei, a teacher from the School of Overseas Education of Sichuan University, led five international students to Wenchuan County to carry out the research project titled the “Exploration and Practice of Online Cultural Experience Project for International Students in Sichuan University: A Case Study of Chinese Ethnic Art". Sichuan is regarded as a multi-ethnic region, where Wenchuan is one of the four Qiang-inhabited counties and a national Qiang cultural and ecological experience zone with rich tourism resources and profound cultural heritage. In the context of media convergence, it exhibits remarkable strength of integrated communication.

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     Sticking closely to the current theme of "Online International Exchange for International Students" and relying on the characteristics of Sichuan's local ethnic minorities, the project led by Ke Fei not only focused on the representative cultural and artistic characteristics of ethnic minorities, but also devoted to cultural communication of the international students in the forms of field visit, interview, promotion and exploration. Video courses were also prepared for the construction of teaching resource database, helping to boost the international dissemination of ethnic cultures. Additionally, the international students also filmed propaganda videos concerning cherries in Wenchuan in their native languages and Chinese, contributing to the promotion of characteristic agricultural products in Wenchuan and the development of tourism.

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     Facing the momentous changes on a scale unseen in a century, General Secretary Xi Jinping has constantly underlined the need to "make China's voice heard globally and tell China's stories well, so as to show a real, vivid and all-sided image of China". As a teaching unit of Sichuan University specializing in international Chinese education, the School of Overseas Education has shaped a complete, scientific, and distinctive curriculum system, with a strict teaching management system and an experienced team of teaching staff. Available with a Chinese Language & Literature Program of Undergraduate Degree, it can provide Chinese language training courses and short-term courses in various cooperation and exchange programs. Meanwhile, the School also offers courses for international students from the School of Architecture and Environment, School of Software, School of Public Administration, West China Stomatological College, and West China Clinical Medical College of Sichuan University, etc. Relying on the high-quality education resources of the School of Overseas Education in the field of international Chinese education, this project endeavors to, with the bridge of of ethnic arts, build a platform for joint dissemination of Chinese culture, thus enhancing international students' understanding of Chinese culture. Not only is it a beneficial attempt to expand the connotation of international Chinese education, but also it is a positive step for the School of Overseas Education to drive regional social and economic development.

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